Bitcoin Era Review and Scam Investigation, Is Bitcoin Era SCAM or Not?

Bitcoin Era is advertised as an exclusive club reserved for new Bitcoin Millionaires that offers its members access to a secret automated trading app which performs at a 99.4% level of accuracy. However, when we started listening to the Bitcoin Era sales video we immediately suspected trickery. Do the words “no Banks, no fees, no inflation” sound familiar to you? If so you have probably been illegally solicited to join the Bitcoin Era scam software and fake automated trading app (crypto robot). Cloned or copied scams are becoming extremely prevalent for a variety of reasons, and Bitcoin Era is no exception. Customers registering for this fraudulent trading platform and confirmed get-rich-quick scheme will be subject to a barrage of phone calls from sleazy sales reps who are kept on a very short leash. Make no mistake about it, the sheer volume of complaints we received in regards to this trading system indicates to us that we are dealing with a highly sophisticated and well-funded operation. So yes, these large advertising budgets translate to significant monetary loss for clients due to the increased exposure obtained on various media outlets (that’s where they bait you with fake news ads). Once again, the crooks orchestrating this latest ruse are greedy (not to mention completely anonymous and unregulated) offshore brokers as well as affiliate marketers who will spare no effort in trying to mislead and defraud unsuspecting victims searching for a genuine trading app. So if you believe Bitcoin Era is a legitimate cryptocurrency trading software and still want to invest, we highly recommend you read our detailed Bitcoin Era review since we exposed these cheaters using the evidence our research staff was able to obtain.

Official Website, Members Area, and Login Page:

Official Update 2019: Bitcoin Era is currently the most viral Bitcoin scam which is trending online.

Scam Evidence:

Below you will see the sales page for the Bitcoin Era app. You can clearly see that they are trying to convince you that you can really be the “next millionaire”.

Bitcoin Era Registration Page

And right here are 9 duplicate sites which use the same sales pitch and are trying to sell you the idea that you are about to become the next Bitcoin Millionaire. Technically speaking the first scam that came out was Bitcoin Trader, but the viral scams are Crypto Revolt, Bitcoin Billionaire, and Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Era Recycled SCAM

And of course you can’t have a decent scam without a sleazy broker who is scamming customers. In our case it was Infinitrade, and they have a registered business address in Sofia Bulgaria (dodgy jurisdiction). As you can see we are looking at the same post registration screen which is used in the Bitcoin Future and Bitcoin Revolution systems, so that basically puts a lid on this scam assuming you still have any doubts.

Bitcoin Era Fake Brokers

Fake Bitcoin Era Reviews

We saw some fake YouTube reviews and as we predicted the more exposure this system receives the more we will start seeing fake review sites jump on this gravy train and start scamming people by telling them that Bitcoin Era is a legit trading software which can make you rich. We just updated the screenshot below with a fake review so you can see for yourself how it looks like and why you should avoid it.

Fake Bitcoin Era Reviews

Bitcoin Era Fake News

Customers signing up for the Bitcoin Era scam will usually be exposed to some kind of fake news article they see whilst searching for “an easy way to make money trading online” or something similar to that. If you are in the United Kingdom then you will probably see Conor McGregor bragging about how much money he made with his new Bitcoin scheme. Other celebrities and high profile individuals include Cyril Ramaphosa, Tony Fernandez, AC Mizal, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, John de Mol, Eva Jinek, Ruud Feltkamp, Bitcoin Era This Morning, Top British Chef Gordon Ramsay, members of the Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, Elon Musk, and Sir Richard Branson. A closer look at the article will reveal a link somewhere inside which directs viewers to the Bitcoin Era scam.

Bitcoin Era Fake News

What Is Bitcoin Era Exactly And How Is It Supposed To Work?

Bitcoin Era is advertised as an exclusive group reserved for new Bitcoin Millionaires. There is also mention of a trading app with a 99.4% level of accuracy. They say it beats the competition because it is faster and stays “ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds.” The so called “key features and advantages” are advertised on the sales page as our review elaborates and explains.

Bitcoin Era Review, Award Winning App Or SCAM?

The Bitcoin Era scam software boasts access to a “laser-accurate” app which performs at an amazing 99.4% level of accuracy and generates money for you on auto-pilot (a crypto robot). In reality the only exclusive club you are invited to join is a losing club designed by professional con artists in order to rip you off and steal your money. The whole testimonial section is forged, and copied once more by lazy scammers. So if you really believe you are about to make £979.98 every day for the rest of your life, you are in for a rude awakening.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are many online marketers who specialize in promoting online crypto scams. It seems that there is an especially unsavory media agency which has latched on to this latest offer and is peddling this scam on search engines as well as on Facebook using highly deceptive advertisements that could even fool a seasoned businessman. We are willing to bet our bottom dollar that Bitcoin Era will spread like a virus online and get picked up by various fake review websites who will endorse it as long as they get their affiliate commissions. So no, we hate to be a wet blanket but Bitcoin Era is not your ticket to a life of luxury, and the only ones living a laptop lifestyle are the affiliate scammers (you are paying for it by investing).

Is It Free?

No it’s not. Access to this thieving software will cost you around €/£/$250 and sometimes even more. This money will be charged to your credit card by cheating offshore brokers who view you as their personal cash cow and will do their utmost to get you to invest.

Still Trust Bitcoin Era?

If you have made up your mind and wish to invest regardless of what you have read here then you should know that you are responsible for your actions and you will be held accountable by your bank and/or your loved ones. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, it won’t matter by then. You can always watch our Bitcoin Era video on YouTube as well.

Legitimate Crypto CFD Trading Versus Fraudulent Software

Trading CFD’s (contracts for difference) can be an extremely lucrative venture, but as with everything in life high rewards mean high risk. Get-rich-quick schemes like Bitcoin Era speak nothing of the risk and only mention the perceived benefits, and that is the first red flag. CFD’s are based on the notion that you don’t have to actually own a stock portfolio, you merely buy a contract (call or put) based on certain market rates and speculate if it will expire above or below the resistance line. The margins are your profit (or loss).

A Few Viable Options

Once in a blue moon a truly profitable system is launched and we review it. If it passes our screening process we add it to our recommended section and keep monitoring the performance levels. So if you are searching for a genuine trading app, we invite you to check out our systems and let us know what you think.

Bitcoin Era Review, Summary, and Final Recommendations

The Blacklisted Bitcoin Era scam app and automated trading platform is not to be trusted. It is powered by a losing software and promoted by unethical affiliate marketers who are motivated by fat commission checks and do not have your best interests at heart. We have produced ample proof of scam and malicious foul play so please refrain from joining this software and keep your wallet tucked away safely. Should you have any additional questions or queries please message us through our contact page or social media.