Gloria Zhao, a developer, has been elected the first woman to join the exclusive group of Bitcoin Core keepers.

Bitcoin Core keepers have commit permissions and are responsible to merge contributions from other developers onto this codebase.

To commit is to make changes or add code to a project in the context of software development using versioning systems like GitHub. Open-source project owners usually have access to commit, and can decide who’s contribution can be added to or merged into the project. Bitcoin Core is decentralized by a small, but diverse group of developers called the maintainers.

Zhao was promoted to Bitcoin Core maintainer on Thursday when her Pull Request (PR) for adding her PGP key fingerprint to the trusted keys file was approved by the developer community. It was merged by Marco Falke.

Andrew Chow, a Bitcoin developer, stated that glozow [Gloria Zhao] would be a good match for maintainership. His expertise in mempool policy and mempool makes these areas a good area for her to focus on. “The key fingerprint matches the key that I signed for glozow.

Zhao joined the group on the same day that Pieter Wuille , a long-term maintainer, resigned from his role. Wuille is a well-known developer in the Bitcoin community and has made a significant contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly Bitcoin Core.

Fears were raised by the community when the developer who worked on some of Bitcoin’s most significant upgrades, such as SegWit, Taproot/Schnorr and BIP 32 seed phrases, left.

Wuille clarified his position on Twitter by clarifying that he wasn’t leaving Bitcoin entirely.

Wuille tweeted Thursday, “To be clear:I won’t cease contributing to code review and all the projects that I’m involved with,”. “It just so happens that I don’t do much maintenance anymore, so it is time to remove my permissions.”