This is a big day for the world of currency! Just read CoinDesk’s article, “Bitcoin’s (USD) On-Chain Transaction Activity Has Cooled Out Amid the Recent lull in prices.” According to Boring, “Bitcoin (USD) has been on a steep drop over the past few months,” with low transaction volume. “The on-chain activity is now cooling off,” Boring concludes. The bottom line?

“Bitcoin’s (USD) on-chain transaction volume is now cooling off,” says Boring. “The on-chain traffic is not as high as it was in the beginning, but it is still down. The reason is very simple: miners are receiving less in fees from their transactions. And because transaction fees have decreased, there are fewer transactions in the on-chain. It’s an obvious result of the two forces.

With a little digging around the Internet, you’ll find plenty of posts and forum discussions on why on-chain activity has cooled. Some reasons are pretty obvious, while others seem to be more of a mystery. For example, is it that the number of nodes on the Internet is increasing? And does that mean more people are using more transactions? Or is it just a random effect of increased demand for the technology?

One of the most interesting things that I read online is Boring’s report on the “Lowest Cost Miner” list. This list contains the highest priced miners and what they earn. If you are looking for a low-priced, high-volume, profitable “miner”, this is it! What you might be thinking at first, is that only a few, select companies have their names on this list. But there are dozens, if not hundreds, of mining companies out there, all paying less than $100 per week in fees. in fees to the biggest miners on the list. These companies are paying their miners lower fees because, by definition, they produce more revenue for them.

Therefore, these miners are the most profitable of the companies, the ones who use the lowest fee payment model, as explained above. That makes them high quality, high profit margin miners with low fee payments, which means high fees, low profits.

There are other factors that could cause the “low fee payment model” to fade. One of the major reasons is that larger miners are starting to see their margins drop significantly. While a higher profit margin is not necessarily a good thing, in this case, it’s not bad. The smaller, less profitable mining companies will not see their margins drop as much, which will make it more difficult for them to keep up with the price increases.

This does mean that you might not be able to pick up any big news on the price moves. but it doesn’t necessarily mean the news will not come at all. – in fact, we may be surprised with some good news!

The big news is coming, though. The news that we have all been waiting for: more competition in the marketplace. There are many of them around the world who want to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet gives them to serve the general public and the average consumer. And they will, sooner or later.